Company Overview

iBallistix, Inc. is a Silicon Valley tech startup founded by law enforcement for law enforcement. Backed by venture capital investors and founders who share a desire to drive long-term positive change through technology. iBallistix brings together experts in law enforcement, product design and engineering, as well as artificial intelligence and machine learning to create transformational law enforcement tools to fight violent gun crime and protect the rights of innocent Americans.

Jonathan Kruljac


Jonathan is responsible for leading the company's corporate strategy, day-to-day operations, overseeing all aspects of the company and its vision. Jonathan joined iBallistix in 2021 and has previously filled a variety of executive and management roles. With over 24 years of technology industry experience, Jonathan has spent ten years at Microsoft in research & development and a decade building software & hardware solutions for law enforcement at other companies. Jonathan led engineering for VIEVU which was one of the first providers of Body Worn Cameras for Law Enforcement. In 2018 VIEVU was acquired by Axon. Following the acquisition, Jonathan served as Vice President of Software at Axon and continued to support many aspects of digital evidence management, video analytics and playback technologies just prior to joining iBallistix as CEO.

Jonathan holds both a Certificate of Technology & Software Systems Development and Bachelor of Science & Information Technology with honors.

Robert Poole

Founder, Director of Business Development

Robert is responsible for law enforcement interactions and liaison.  He brings over 30 years of experience in federal law enforcement, counter-terror and intelligence roles with ATF, FBI, HSI, State Department and ODNI. Robert has worked on numerous task forces to include HIDTA, Arson and Explosives, DC Sniper Task Force, 9/11 Task Force, FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force as well as the ODNI Insider Threat Task Force.  These roles have been invaluable in providing keen insights into the needs of law enforcement. He has leveraged his experience and vision to help create the next generation law enforcement tool.

David Olsen

Chief Product Officer

David is the Chief Product Officer at iBallistix. He is responsible for technical development and R&D. He has extensive product development and management experience in the areas of microprocessors, embedded systems, and artificial intelligence plus a range of engineering expertise from chip design to software programming. David is both a technical and business professional, having graduated from the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley with an MBA to complement his engineering degrees. He recently co-founded and served as Engineering Vice President at Visu, Inc., where he developed a video processing system, which aims to lessen the myopiagenic load that video displays impart on the human eye. With the goal of counteracting the unprecedented acceleration of near-sightedness among children, he helped take the device through a pilot clinical trial with partners in academia.

Anthony Tasso

Board Advisor

Anthony Tasso is a retired police chief who served 29 years with the New York City Police Department. During his tenure at the NYPD, he served as Commanding  Officer of police precincts in the Fort Greene and Bushwick areas of Brooklyn, as well as the Strategic Technology Division, where he was responsible for the implementation and management of operational technology programs. In his most recent assignment, he commanded the NYPD’s Information Technology Bureau, where he was responsible for the management of all of NYPD’s technology systems. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Management and a Master’s degree in Criminal Justice. He is also a graduate of Columbia University’s Police Management Institute.

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